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Men, Here’s How To Wear A Bra To Work

id=»mod_3666054″>I write a great deal on the topic of men wearing lingerie in public and yet, it seems that there is not enough writing in the world to properly address this topic. Words only go so far, some things require illustration, and 샌즈카지노 쿠폰 a great friend of mine and regular contributor to He Wears Panties has been so very kind as to provide some before an after pictures of himself wearing a brassiere under working attire.

His tips for men wanting to do the same go as such:

Wear a thick shirt, one that is not too tight, if at all possible it should be a little over sized so that it is not pulled tightly against the body at any stage of your work day, thus revealing the dreaded lingerie lines. It is also wise not to tuck the shirt in too tightly.

You’ll see in the first picture that Cyndie, as he likes to be called, looks very much like your average guy dressed for a day at the office. (Take note, ladies, men who wear lingerie aren’t easy to pick. Any number of your male coworkers may very well be wearing lingerie.)

But in this second picture, the reality of the matter becomes very clear indeed. A bra is being worn under this otherwise masculine ensemble, a bra is hidden with great stealthiness inside a shell of traditional male dress. You can do this too men, it’s perfectly simple, and I hear that it provides a great lift to an otherwise dreary day at the office.

Note that though Cyndie is not wearing a seamless brassiere, there is little danger of the bra being spotted through the shirt because of its thickness. Note too, the color match between shirt and bra, something which may prevent people from visually identifying a bra, but which in this case seems to be more of a matter of being color co-ordinated, and very nice it looks too.

Note also, the skin hugging way that the bra fits his body. It is snug, without digging in. This is the perfect type of fit for a man wearing his lingerie in public. Too loose and the sensation is no longer as potent, too tight and your lingerie will be given away by the telltale flesh bumps which sprout up around the straps.

I hope that this has given you confidence to wear lingerie the way you want to, when you want to. I’d also like to thank Cyndie, for once more being a shining example of a man who wears lingerie as he wishes, enjoys it and is also able to be discreet about it when he chooses to be. After all, its not mandatory for ladies or lads to show their unmentionables to the world, is it?

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14 months ago

I am now retired…But when I worked…I always wore my Bra…I have natural 46B/46C-Cup Breasts…So Bra wearing is a must for me.

Stacey B

16 months ago

I have worn lingerie around the house out shopping and also to work.I have had a few times when some one noticed my undergarments and just gave me a funny look but there have been rude unwarranted comments made as well. I have found that wearing bras to work is a lot easier in the winter time as the more outer clothing there is the less noticeable they are. I am @ a point in my life where I really don’t care what other people think I just wan’t to be comfortable in who I am.


20 months ago

I wear a bra because I have D cup breasts due to gynecomastia from meds. Don’t misunderstand, I have always wanted feminine breasts and was elated when I was blessed with breasts. I tuck my shirt in tight and my shirt fits snug over my breasts. My bra lines are visible, anyone paying attention will notice.

I wear micro fiber boyshorts because they are more comfortable than any other underwear. I haven’t worn guy underwear in over 30 years. Not about to go back to guys drawers.

People do comment but never negative.


2 years ago

Great article!! I want to wear bra to work also.

It feels so good against my soft/smooth skin. I feel naked without my bra on. It’s totally sexy hot turn on to wear one.


4 years ago

I don’t wear a bra at work, however, I travel quite often away from the office and will put my bra on while traveling. I often have the opportunity to stop at shopping malls or women’s clothing stores and have no problem wearing my bra, forms, ladies jeans, blouse, and even feminine shoes. I do get some knowing looks, at times, but it doesn’t bother me at all. I have had many bra fittings and I’m just upfront and honest with the sales staff about what I’m looking for. They obviously know that I’m shopping for myself and I have never had a problem. Most of the time, they are overly helpful and seem to enjoy being of assistance. I am always courteous and respectful and sometimes I buy something and sometimes I don’t. It’s really fun to talk about bras with a female who treats you just like another woman. I have had them tell me about their favorite bras, what size they wear, and why they think I would like a particular style. I really enjoy doing this and don’t care what others think!


9 years ago


Great comments! I love to wear lingerie under my clothes all the time, and only have a few male briefs left in the back of my panty drawer. The more you wear it the more you want to, and the less you care about getting caught!


9 years ago

If you’re going to wear a bra in public, work probably isn’t the best place to start – far too high risk if it goes wrong! Places where people won’t know you are better to start with – going shopping, for instance.

Strap adjusters are the biggest problem in my experience; this page has some useful tips on minimizing the chances of anyone catching you out:



9 years ago

Hi Hope

Thank you to you and Cyndie for the great article ,I feel that the more people are educated the less judgemental they will be to all of cross-dressers.

I would like to add that I wear bras with forms , panties and camisoles most every day to work under my uniform and no one has seemed to notice , if they have they haven’t said anything to me about it.

So to all of you men who would like to wear bras and panties to work , do it and enjoy how great you will feel.


9 years ago

I have found that no wire bras are the best for concealment. They don’t have the natural cup associated with most bars and therefore, can be worn discreetly. Rock on!


9 years ago

i wear a bra 42D most of time.I am often called miss even when I am not wearing a bra. I wear a blouse ,sweater or tank top. Everyone is always pleasant.I have never had funny looks.


9 years ago

Here’s one more trick – learn to take off the bra without taking off your shirt. You can do this with most short-sleeved shirts: unclip the bra in the back or front, slip one shoulder off, out your sleeve, under your arm. Remove forms if any. Slip the other shoulder off an pull the bra out through the armhole. I tend to wear a bra on the way to and from work, take it off in the car. Mainly because my problem seems to be the shoulders slipping off by themselves (and not because they’re stretched out by this trick!)


9 years ago

To wear a bra at work you have to be careful. I wear a bra in public. And if someone notices in most cases ladies you get a questioning look and that is it. At work it might happen that your whole department might know it. And people are often not friendly. And they might use it against you.


10 years ago

I’ve been trying to get the courage up to wear a bra to work. I like to wear them around the house, but wearing to work would be thrilling. I’ve worn my camis to work a few times, and that was wonderful – felt very naughty and confident at the same time. Thanks for the tips and advice – I hope to work on a bra over the colder months when I usually wear a jacket at work as it’s cold. I’ll be able to sort of experiment a little easier with the bra as my jacket will do most of the hiding. As I figure it out, I’ll be able to wear in the warmer months too :)


10 years ago

Hi Hope…I love your site and your comments.Would like to here from some of the males who don’t try to hide the fact that they are wearing a bra. All of my close friends are female so I get along and feel comfortable with them. Once a week we go to a bar that is safe for us and have a few drinks. I usually change at work and slip into a blouse and my favorite black crepe pants. Also put on my heels so i fit right in with my girl friends. It’s very liberating.

AUTHORHope Alexander

10 years ago

Thanks Leslie, and to you all, for visiting, commenting and participating. It is what makes this place so much fun and so useful for the men who drop by :)


10 years ago

It was refreshing reading Lee’s comments on his work place clothing. I find it confusing that a guy wants to wear a bra to work but does everthing he can to hide it. If you like wearing a bra then don’t hide it.I do see a problem if it becomes a problem in the work place. I work in a place wear everone wears a smock over their regular clothing. I usually wear a colorful blouse over my bra and ladies slacks. I wear a plain gold necklace and braclet. I have my nails done every two weeks and my hair done at the same time.Most of my friends at work are female and we get along just fine.I’ve never had a problem just as long as I do my job. I just think if possible you should dress in a manner that is in good taste and makes you feel good. Enjoy your website Hope and find your comments stimulating.


10 years ago

Hi, I work in a large medical office. 90 percent of the employees are women and the doctors are also female. I usually wear a tee shirt and jeans. Some time i’ll wear a colored blouse. I have a 34b bust and wear a underwire bra with no padding. I hate padding. Naturally I always wear a matching panty. I’ve never had a problem with any of the women on how I dress.I guess It makes a difference where you work. Hope this is helpful.



10 years ago

Before retiring I wore bras to work, daily. At the time a tan cross your heat style worked best because of the bottom elastic band that kept the bra from riding up to my neck. Of course I wore a thick shirt. Now I find that the best style for staying in place is a front hook bra. I’m wearing one of my wife’s black nylon and it works wonderfully. A b cup works very well.


10 years ago

hello and yes i wore a bra to work under my shirt for years and rarely did anyone notice and when it was noticed it was by females and a few males never any problems or 샌즈카지노 쿠폰 comments except if you need to then wear it and with 42dd at that time i had to work shirt was a mediun blue uniform work shirt and i usually wore a white or beige bra still wear one every day and now brave enough to go out wearing a dark tshirt oversize of course


10 years ago

Hope (and the lovely Cyndie),

While I can readily see the sensual appeal to wearing a bra under your boywear, for me it is simply an unecessary risk of exposure. While Cyndie illustrates the frontal non-disclosure, I wonder if those darn strap adjusting buckles stand right out when he carries something like books or an armload of papers? In my experience (with camisoles) that is the true tattletale under your shirt for men. Nothing in the male wardrobe has those adjusters and there is very little way to not display them if your outerwear fits you.

I prefer the camisoles without adjusters which are made by a wide range of manufacturers (I’m partial to Vanity Fair of course!). They lie nice and 더킹카지노주소 flat and are easily mistaken for a A-Tee shirt during those rare times anyone notices. Of course, all the rules of good dressing apply regarding fit and colors, and you may want to be sure your shirt buttons high enough to hide the lovely lace or satin trim.

There is something so nice about wearing your favorite camisole and panties ensemble (of course they must match silly!) under your clothes… it makes me feel so centered and in balance for the whole day.


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What other forms of marketing is available other than mobile marketing – Answers

Account-based marketing, affiliate marketing, behavioral marketing, call center marketing, channel marketing, direct response marketing and expeditionary marketing are just a few forms of marketing available. According to experts, there are 131 different kinds of marketing.

How would you describe interactive marketing?
Interactive marketing includes Internet advertising, permission e-mail, marketing web sites, mobile media (including digital mobile communication devices) and other new media (Stafford and Faber, 2005).

How does mobile marketing work?
Mobile marketing works by doing marketing on a mobile instrument, such as a cell phone. It also works by marketing something by causing it to move, like an electric billboard. Mobile marketing can be divided into sms text marketing and mobile phones connecting to the Internet and viewed via a smartphone or other mobile device. Text marketing is a lot like email marketing in that a business builds a list and เล่นคาสิโนออนไลน์ sends info to their…

What are the advantages of communication with mobile phones?
The primary advantage of mobile communication over other forms of phone communication is none other than MOBILITY!

Where are some of the best search marketing software that is available for resale?
SEO software is one of the best softwares. There are also multiple other search marketing softwares available for resale.

Is Virgin Mobile available in Australia?
Yes, Virgin Mobile is available in Australia, and other countries. I do not know what the rates are like, but Virgin is a massive conglomerate of communications.

What are the basic components of Marketing information system?
according to other sources available on the net and in books, they are Internal reporting systems, Marketing research systems,Marketing intelligence systems, and Marketing models.

What is Digital Marketing Agency?
Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium

What does digital marketing help?
Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.

What is the scope of digital marketting?
Digital marketing is aim at reaching wider audience through the use of internet. Digital marketing uses websites. It less effort compare to other forms of marketing.

Where can I download some income tax forms?
Income tax forms are available online at website There are also other forms available, such as instructions on taxes. All of it is free.

What is another term for a MLM business opportunity?
«MLM» stands for Multi-Level Marketing. Other terms for this are «pyramid selling», «network marketing», and «referral marketing». These forms are technically legal, if a bit ethically dodgy. The most nefarious and illegal forms of MLM business practices are called «pyramid schemes».

Where can you purchase ATandT mobile phones?
AT&T mobile phones can be bought directly from the AT&T website. Alternatively there are other mobile phone providers available online and in the high street.

Is Orange mobile phones only available in Europe?
Currently, Orange mobile phones are only available in certain parts of Europe. It is possible to use the phones on other networks through unlocking though.

What is marketing related to fine dining restaurant?
Marketing in relation to fine dining restaurant aims to tap its target market by means of media. Promotions and advertisements are other forms of marketing strategies used for fine dining restaurant.

What forms of finance does YHOO follow?
YHOO is Yahoo Mail’s statical following of all profitable marketing that is accomplished through advertisement, subscription services, and other various financial marketing.

What is lutari island?
Lutari Island was an area available only to Neopets Mobile users. There were games and items there not available on the other parts of the site.

Sms gateway mobile marketing sms marketing shortcode?
Well the sms gatway is a way for communicate multiple mobile phones at once using sms process. As now some business owners are doing this process for promotion and other work for business through some sms companies as experttexting.com

What types of email marketing services are available to busineses?
The types of email marketing services available to businesses are: Sending emails to the businesses’ customers, sending emails to acquire new customers, and adding advertisements to emails sent to other businesses’ customers.

What are the terms associated with marketing?
There are many terms associated with marketing. There is email marketing, direct mail marketing, social media marketing, internet marketing, television marketing, mobile marketing, billboard advertising, and the list goes on and on. Anything dealing with increasing exposure and branding your company, is marketing. There is also a difference in marketing to prospects and marketing to previous customers. For previous customers, you may be trying to get them to purchase again or upsell/cross-sell other products. Prospecting…

Where can I get a bachelor degree in marketing?
If you choose to major in marketing there are a host of career opportunities available to you. Career paths might include e-commerce, marketing analysis, professional selling, advertising, supply chain management, marketing research and a host of other customer service/leadership positions

Sample of mobile e-commerce?
Mobile ecommerce application is being used in various purpose. Such as for:- Mobile Ticketing Mobile vouchers, coupons and loyalty cards mobile content purchase and delivery likes ring-tones, wallpapers, and games. Location based service in mobile phones Mobile Banking Mobile Brokerage Mobile marketing and advertising Etc. To know many other different kind of mobile application you can take reference of it website

Is B2B marketing available worldwide?
Yes they are a large company that gives marketing to around the world so that other contries may grow smart in stock exchange and bisneuss for there own knowledge.

Is SEO polar?
Polar design has traditionally focused on search engine optimization as an important marketing technique which delivers quality traffic at a lower cost per visitors & customer than other forms of marketing.

Why was public address so important in ancient societies?
Other forms of communication were not readily available.

What is marketing function relation to with other business?
marketing function with other business

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Mlm Success Tip To Simply Help Grow Your Business

The Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) will hold an installation ceremony for recently elected Board users on Wednesday, April 20, 2011, at BPU Headquarters. Two incumbent Members, Robert Milan, Sr. (First District) and Terry Eidson (At-Large, Position number 3), and brand new Board user Jeff Bryant (3rd District) will need the Oath of workplace at a ceremony just before this week’s Board meeting.

Perhaps the best leaders can suffer a lack of trust. This can be the result of error in judgment or a blunder. Or circumstances may conspire from the frontrunner (a popular of politicians and ex-Northern Rock senior administration).

Now just before you try to escape screaming on idea that you was indeed also trying to offer Avon, let me tell you this. It’s a quite effective company design. Individuals have made cash undertaking this. This is exactly why it’s still around now. That is why a lot of other corporations have modelled their small business afterthis Business Leader.

Centering on what counts many will not go on the adrenaline rush that urgency provides and does what’s best for our self, us, and our business.

Making your organization effective isn’t something super easy. It needs countless efforts, a highly effective company strategy and an innovative plan. Think! Think! And once more think! A concept can transform your lifetime. It certainly can. But, you need to implement the concept correctly. To implement the theory inside best way, you must do many research and connect to people who comprehend your business. To start with, you’ll want to find out your target market. Be it an import company in Indiaor interior company, they constantly determine the goal market for the product/service offered by them. Therefore, a target map is something which will help you to reach your market.

I offered consulting and promoting advice over a couple of years. We thought We understood how organizations worked. It seemed at that time it could not be that hard to run a small business.

Allow your team realize that you’re an actual individual similar to them. Inform them somewhat about your self plus objective. Show your group which you have a heart and tell them which you worry. You are not expected to socialize and fraternize along with your team, you do must treat them like they truly are individuals. Take time to ask about their loved ones or just the way they are doing. Many individuals prefer to keep their personal life private. A good frontrunner should be able to recognize the distinction and act properly in accordance with any boundaries which are set by the individual team user. No real matter what, you really must be accessible to your team. It is important which you help out with all the work, retain in constant connection with the users of your team which help your group reach its goals successfully in any manner you are able to.

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What do pet alligators eat? – Answers.com

1 year agopet dogs and pet cats, and any other pet that gets in the way

What animals eat alligators?
Big alligators eat smaller alligators,humans and raccoons eat baby alligators and eggs

Do alligators eat?
Yes alligators do eat.

Do turtles eat alligators?
Yes turtles are eaten by alligators. Alligators will eat almost anything.

Do alligators eat deer?
Alligators do often eat deer.

Do alligators eat shrimp?
Yes alligators eat shrimp.

Do alligators eat rabbits?
yes alligators eat rabbits

Do alligators eat sloths?
No, alligators don’t eat sloths.

Can alligators eat beavers?
Yes alligators can eat beavers.

Do alligators eat weasels?
Yes alligators eat weasels.

Can Alligators eat a building?
No alligators cannot eat a building.

Do alligators eat piranhas?
yes alligators eat piranhas

Do alligators eat oranges?
No. alligators only eat meat.

What do snake and alligators eat?
snakes and alligators eat meat.

Can Deers eat alligators?
No; deer only eat grass. Alligators can eat deer, though.

What fish do Chinese alligators eat?
Alligators will eat almost anything that they can find

Do Alligators eat cats?
Alligators will eat whatever they can catch, they are not picky eaters.

Do alligators eat snakes?
Yes alligators sometimes eat water snakes.

What do alligaters eat?
Alligators eat fish, meat, birds,other alligators

Does a bear eat alligators?
Black bears don’t eat american alligators.

What kind of meat do alligators eat?
alligators eat raw meat or chicken strips

Do herons eat alligators?
Herons will eat baby alligators if given the opportunity, but not adults.

Did the Spaniards kill and eat alligators?
No! There are no alligators in Spain

What is difference between crocodile and alligators homes and food they eat?
crocodiles eat meat and alligators eat grass

Does alligators eat crabs?
no alligators eat fish and some times other alligators. If you mess with them for a long time then they will probably chop there mouth at you :( )

Do alligators eat elephants?
no alligators would get hurt trying to

What are an alligators dangers?
An alligators dangers are people who like to eat them…….

Do alligators eat sea otters?
Alligators DON’T eat sea otters, Killer whales (orcas) do!

Do alligators eat rock?
Yes. Alligators will eat rocks to help grind up the food in their stomach.

What are the names of Madame Medusa’s pet alligators in Disney’s The Rescuers?
Madame Medusa’s alligators are named Brutus and Nero.

Do alligators eat common snapping turtles?
alligators dont eat turltles. to be sure do to the web to make sure!

Do alligators eat rocks?
Yes. Alligators and crocodiles will eat rocks to help grind up their food in their stomach.

What does aligaters eat?
well alligators will eat almost any thing that’s meat because, alligators are carnivors.

Do black rhinos hibernate during winter?
Rhinos. do not hibernate and they are herbivores. They DO NOT eat alligators no they eat alligators in winter

What do codfish eat?
Alligators eat codfishes.

Do alligators eat their babies?
A No!Alligators do not eat their babies!Alligators are known to protect their young from predators.But crocodiles on the other hand,don’t eat their young for the first few months,but sometimes,SOMETIMES,they get so hungry…

Do hippos eat alligators?
Hippos and alligators don’t live in the same regions. Hippos do kill crocodiles, but they don’t eat them.

Do alligators eat frogs?
they will when food is scarce yes they do I’m not sure what an alegator is, but (especially small) alligators do eat frogs.

Do eagles eat alligators?
No, most likely it’s alligators eating eagles.

Do alligators eat flammingos?
They will eat anything they can catch

Did creek Indians eat alligators?
Creek Indians did not eat alligators but used there skin for protection from sharp saw grass. And for shelter

Do tigers eat alligators?
No, tigers do not eat alligators. Tigers and alligators are both apex predators, and usually hunt different prey, and if they were to come in contact, they would leave each other alone.

What do crocidiles and alligators eat?
crocodiles and alligators eat gazelle, zebra, fish, antelope, basically crocodiles and gators eat anything even metal!, but they are also cannibals.

What do alligators in the Everglades eat?
Alligators in the Everglades, and other habitats, are not picky eaters, 강아지 슬개골 탈구 (simply click the up coming post) they eat fish, birds, mammals, or whatever prey they can catch.

What are the release dates for Littlest Pet Shop – 2012 Alligators and Handbags 2-10?
Littlest Pet Shop – 2012 Alligators and Handbags 2-10 was released on: USA: 강아지 피부병 종류 28 December 2013

What do alligator eat?
Alligators eat small animals and objects.

How does alligators eat their food?
they eat itt with thier mout5h

What does alligators eat?
Alligators and crocodiles eat meat, so if this animal eats meat this animal is a carnivore. Carnivores are animals who eat meat, like lions, tigers and crocodile

Do sharks eat alligators?
No. Alligators live in fresh water, sharks live in salt water.

Do alligators eat hippos?
no. hippos kill crocidiles, though. alligators and hippos would not meet.

Do cheetahs eat alligators?
No, cheetahs live in Africa while alligators live in North America and China. They never meet in nature.

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Circa brings you just the news you need, when you want it

id=»cnetReview» section=»rvwBody» data-component=»indepthReview»> Circa News (Android|iOS) is a free news app that condenses top stories from the US and around the world into short, quick-read summaries so that you can stay on top of the news when you only have a few moments to spare.

The news team behind Circa combs through press releases, blog posts, and new stories from major publications to get the most crucial bits of information, including quotes and photos, then combines each tidbit into a short article, called a storyline. You can follow storylines to get updates on new developments and browse the news by categories, such as technology, and science and 릴게임 health.

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Summer’s infant baby monitor has no tricks up its sleeves — and also, no sleeves

id=»cnetReview» section=»rvwBody» data-component=»indepthReview»> With so many video baby monitors and smart cams that cost between $200 and $300, finding a product with both a camera and base station monitor for $130 seems like a steal.
And 스위피 게임 that’s exactly how much the Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor will set you back.

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