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What animals eat alligators?
Big alligators eat smaller alligators,humans and raccoons eat baby alligators and eggs

Do alligators eat?
Yes alligators do eat.

Do turtles eat alligators?
Yes turtles are eaten by alligators. Alligators will eat almost anything.

Do alligators eat deer?
Alligators do often eat deer.

Do alligators eat shrimp?
Yes alligators eat shrimp.

Do alligators eat rabbits?
yes alligators eat rabbits

Do alligators eat sloths?
No, alligators don’t eat sloths.

Can alligators eat beavers?
Yes alligators can eat beavers.

Do alligators eat weasels?
Yes alligators eat weasels.

Can Alligators eat a building?
No alligators cannot eat a building.

Do alligators eat piranhas?
yes alligators eat piranhas

Do alligators eat oranges?
No. alligators only eat meat.

What do snake and alligators eat?
snakes and alligators eat meat.

Can Deers eat alligators?
No; deer only eat grass. Alligators can eat deer, though.

What fish do Chinese alligators eat?
Alligators will eat almost anything that they can find

Do Alligators eat cats?
Alligators will eat whatever they can catch, they are not picky eaters.

Do alligators eat snakes?
Yes alligators sometimes eat water snakes.

What do alligaters eat?
Alligators eat fish, meat, birds,other alligators

Does a bear eat alligators?
Black bears don’t eat american alligators.

What kind of meat do alligators eat?
alligators eat raw meat or chicken strips

Do herons eat alligators?
Herons will eat baby alligators if given the opportunity, but not adults.

Did the Spaniards kill and eat alligators?
No! There are no alligators in Spain

What is difference between crocodile and alligators homes and food they eat?
crocodiles eat meat and alligators eat grass

Does alligators eat crabs?
no alligators eat fish and some times other alligators. If you mess with them for a long time then they will probably chop there mouth at you :( )

Do alligators eat elephants?
no alligators would get hurt trying to

What are an alligators dangers?
An alligators dangers are people who like to eat them…….

Do alligators eat sea otters?
Alligators DON’T eat sea otters, Killer whales (orcas) do!

Do alligators eat rock?
Yes. Alligators will eat rocks to help grind up the food in their stomach.

What are the names of Madame Medusa’s pet alligators in Disney’s The Rescuers?
Madame Medusa’s alligators are named Brutus and Nero.

Do alligators eat common snapping turtles?
alligators dont eat turltles. to be sure do to the web to make sure!

Do alligators eat rocks?
Yes. Alligators and crocodiles will eat rocks to help grind up their food in their stomach.

What does aligaters eat?
well alligators will eat almost any thing that’s meat because, alligators are carnivors.

Do black rhinos hibernate during winter?
Rhinos. do not hibernate and they are herbivores. They DO NOT eat alligators no they eat alligators in winter

What do codfish eat?
Alligators eat codfishes.

Do alligators eat their babies?
A No!Alligators do not eat their babies!Alligators are known to protect their young from predators.But crocodiles on the other hand,don’t eat their young for the first few months,but sometimes,SOMETIMES,they get so hungry…

Do hippos eat alligators?
Hippos and alligators don’t live in the same regions. Hippos do kill crocodiles, but they don’t eat them.

Do alligators eat frogs?
they will when food is scarce yes they do I’m not sure what an alegator is, but (especially small) alligators do eat frogs.

Do eagles eat alligators?
No, most likely it’s alligators eating eagles.

Do alligators eat flammingos?
They will eat anything they can catch

Did creek Indians eat alligators?
Creek Indians did not eat alligators but used there skin for protection from sharp saw grass. And for shelter

Do tigers eat alligators?
No, tigers do not eat alligators. Tigers and alligators are both apex predators, and usually hunt different prey, and if they were to come in contact, they would leave each other alone.

What do crocidiles and alligators eat?
crocodiles and alligators eat gazelle, zebra, fish, antelope, basically crocodiles and gators eat anything even metal!, but they are also cannibals.

What do alligators in the Everglades eat?
Alligators in the Everglades, and other habitats, are not picky eaters, 강아지 슬개골 탈구 (simply click the up coming post) they eat fish, birds, mammals, or whatever prey they can catch.

What are the release dates for Littlest Pet Shop – 2012 Alligators and Handbags 2-10?
Littlest Pet Shop – 2012 Alligators and Handbags 2-10 was released on: USA: 강아지 피부병 종류 28 December 2013

What do alligator eat?
Alligators eat small animals and objects.

How does alligators eat their food?
they eat itt with thier mout5h

What does alligators eat?
Alligators and crocodiles eat meat, so if this animal eats meat this animal is a carnivore. Carnivores are animals who eat meat, like lions, tigers and crocodile

Do sharks eat alligators?
No. Alligators live in fresh water, sharks live in salt water.

Do alligators eat hippos?
no. hippos kill crocidiles, though. alligators and hippos would not meet.

Do cheetahs eat alligators?
No, cheetahs live in Africa while alligators live in North America and China. They never meet in nature.

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